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Ista Available in West Palm Beach, FL

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ISTA - Top Quality Planted Aquarium Products

Coral Sea Aquariums is proud to carry Ista in West Palm Beach, Florida. A Taiwanese brand that is committed and focused on product efficiency and quality. Aimed at the segment of planted aquarium, their products are of high performance and will allow any aquarist to reach great results with lush plants. "We are optimistic and anxious in the expansion of this brand into the market. Not only the efficiency of their products is impressive; but the whole appearance of their products will inspire you to create a Natural Aquarium".


  • Air Flow Regulator 
  • Air Stone 
  • Betta-Fish-Reptile Aquarium 
  • Bio-Sponge Filters 
  • CO2 Bubble Counter & Check Valve 
  • CO2 Controller 
  • CO2 Cylinder Supporting Base 
  • CO2 Diffuser 
  • CO2 Diffuser Replacement Parts 
  • CO2 Disposable Cartridge Supply Set 
  • CO2 Disposable Cartridges 
  • CO2 Indicator 
  • CO2 Pipe Holder 
  • CO2 Reactor 
  • CO2 Reactor Replacement 
  • CO2 Refillable Cylinder Supply Set 
  • CO2 Refillable Cylinders 
  • CO2 Regulator 
  • Filter Replacement Parts 
  • Filters 

Come visit our aquarium supply store in West Palm Beach, FL for a wide selection of fish, corals, plants, and more!